Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Personality Haircuts approx 2-3 hours depending on the size and coat length

Wanting a different look for your pet why not try a Personality Haircut, we can create a hairstyle to suit your choice and advise each client on what will suit your breed. Why not make your poodle look like a fox terrier. We can create almost any breed or even change your dog to look like a Teddy Bear. Prices available on request.

Oatmeal Healing Baths approx 2 hours

Your dog can enjoy an oatmeal healing bath with this JPP product if you have a dog with itchy skin. The shampoo gently cleanses whilst soothing dry skin and coats and is made with aloe, chamomile and hydrodyzed oat protein, which cleanses without irritation while imparting a wonderful almond fragrance.

Coat Colouring Enhancing approx 2 hours

A choice of rich and conditioning colour enhancing and whitening (non-bleach) shampoos and conditioning treatments intensify the natural coat colour - for black, white, red, brown or copper coats - and leave it feeling silky smooth and full of shine. Our stylist will recommend the best product for your dog.

Paw Massages

Dogzi paw massages are recommended for dogs with dry or cracked pads as a result of prolonged exposure to sand, salt or mud and/or lifestyle. Aromatherapy oils are massaged into the pads of your pet's paws which provides relief from cracking and softens the skin. It is recommended that this application is carried out every 2 - 3 weeks dependant on severity.

This service can be offered along with any other service, but particularly our grooming services.

Sensitive Skin Treatments

If you own an itchy dog who suffers from sore, irritated or itchy skin, you will already know what a constant battle and distressing problem this can be for both you and your dog. Skin problems can be one of the most common problems that dogs experience, and they can be notoriously difficult to alleviate. They often cause intense licking and scratching, which can make the problem worse, and can increase the possibility of secondary infections.

We offer a quick, effective solution using a Dermacton soap bar and we bath your pet using this product, which stops itching fast, calms sore skin and is a natural and steroid free product. We also sell the soap bars for you to purchase and maintain your pet at home.